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It’s been a year since our adventure began…

2 FRIENDS who had this dream we wanted to pursue…And you hear a lot of these collaboration stories, but this one is SPECIAL!

So there was EWA, a mum to baby Alex and 7 year old Olaf, nearly finished my maternity leave and facing the return to a full time job in a whisky company in a big corporation. And there was AGATA, a newly qualified career adviser, mum of a toddler starting his terrible 2’s and 7 year old Antoni.  You should also know that we are both Polish, but first met in a Glasgow nursery 5 years ago and very soon became very best of FRIENDS, and so did our families. 2 working MUMS with houses full of boys to feed and to take care of, having sleepless nights going through never ending teething and colic, with evenings spent rushing to football training and sweating over homework…THE JOYS!

What possessed us to decide we wanted to open our own BUSINESS?

Some people looked at us thinking we had lost the plot. Others discreetly said it’s never going to work. And then there was the bunch of supporters with high hopes and lots of enthusiasm for our Big Dream – thank God for them!

So what was the trick? What would make it work? 12 years after coming to Scotland we decided that high street fashion was missing something that we could offer – NEW BRANDS, new DESIGNS, and UNIQUENESS mixed with great QUALITY and COMFORT. Just what MUMS like us need to help them look trendy and fashionable, as well as COOL and CONTEMPORARY. And even better, completely unique, as no one else in the whole of the UK sells the fashion and footwear brands that we do!

People at work and friends have often complemented the clothes or shoes that we wore after holiday shopping while visiting family in Poland. And there was always the question – where did you buy it?? So we thought, why not bring the Polish brands to the UK and introduce them to the fashion market?

A few visits and meetings in Poland, countless late working nights and weekends later and E&A Fashion was finally born, in March 2018.

It’s our joint Baby that we fell in LOVE with and hope you love it too.

Come on the FASHION JOURNEY with us, try and trust our products and brands, take a moment to tell us what you think.

We promise you will love the uniqueness and quality of our clothes and at the same time you will help us to continue pursuing our BIG DREAM ?



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