Women's Boots


Women’s Boots

E&A Fashion was created to bring a platform for exciting, new independent British brands to the market. We aim to offer a selection of unique boutique clothing and fashion (including items such as womens boots) that can’t be found on your local high street. Every item that we sell is selected because it is an interesting and exciting product – we know how important matching your dress with the right pair of womans boots is. Not only do our products look great, but are also made from the highest quality materials – offering great comfort at affordable pricing. When you get to know E&A Fashion, you get to know great style, great quality and great brands.

Our Range of Womens Boots

Here at E&A Fashion, we believe that choice is key. That is why we aim to have a wide range of different womens casual boots available to you. Whether you are looking for short boots for women, long boots for women or even a pair of simple grey boots – we aim to have that option available for you.

All of the womans boots that we sell at E&A Fashion are made from the highest quality materials to ensure that you get the best look and feel possible. It is also important to us that we use local British companies so that we can start putting the country on the map when it comes to fashion.

We also offer a range of ladies slip on shoes and sandals shoes for women.

How to Look After Womans Boots

Once you have chosen your perfect pair of boots from E&A Fashion, it is then important to look after them. Products like suede boots women’s need a bit of extra attention over shoes such as trainers. This quick guide we have created will let you know the best ways to take care of your womens boots.

  • If your fashion shoes or boots get dirty, they should be cleaned with a damp sponge or cloth, dried and then taken care of
  • When boots become wet to the point of soaking, they should be dried at room temperature (not on radiators/heaters)
  • Dried leather sides and uppers of shoe soles are to be treated with a small amount of wax-based preservative (preferably of the same colour) and then polished
  • Because of leathers natural finish, using self-glisten pastes on them is not recommended as it may damage the outer layer
  • Before applying the next layer of paste, it is important to wash away the existing layer of paste
  • Suede boots women’s footwear made from leather and nubuck should be cleaned with a specially designed brush or a tightly squeezed, moistened cloth. Spray preservatives can also be used on this type of womans boots
  • Plastic material boots need to be dried with a damp cloth or sponge and then applied with special after drying creams and lotions (again don’t use self-glisten pastes)
  • Womans boots made from textile materials need to be given special care. Any dirt should be cleaned with a sponge dipped in hot water (you can also possibly use a delicate detergent)
  • You should put on and take off shoes with untied shoelaces every single time
  • Tying your shoelaces helps against chafing and setting of counters
  • Boots with leather soles will need to be resoled from time to time
  • Replacement of parts of the shoe (laces etc.) is the responsibility of the user

Womens Casual Boots

Womens boots became a staple of the wardrobe in the 1970s and gave grown in popularity ever since. There is so much choice out there when it comes to boots that it can be overwhelming when you are looking for a new pair. From styles, materials all the way through to colours, there will be a pair of boots out there to match any outfit. We are constantly trying to source the best womans boots from British companies. Our range includes:

  • Long Boots for Women
  • Short Boots for Women
  • Womens Casual Boots
  • Womens Flat Boots
  • Suede Boots Women’s
  • Womens Brown Leather Boots
  • Grey Boots
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